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Would you like to perform or display your art?

Thank you for your interest in performing or displaying art at Metropolitan Coffee. Our events page lists the current artist as well as the near-future performances.

Musicians: We normally schedule music on Friday or Saturday nights. Because of the cement walls and floors as well as the high metal ceiling, acoustic or slightly amplified sets work best. Please fill in the form below with any websites or links that might be helpful! Thanks for being interested in performing at Metro!

Artists: We are so grateful to the artists that are willing to share their work in the shop. Please use the form below to contact us and let us know a little more about you and your art style!

Please check the appropriate box to the right Musician Artist
Contact Name:
Your E-Mail:
Your Contact Phone Number:
For musician(s) - Please provide the group name or name you wished to be listed under as well as providing us with a website where we can listen to a sample of your music:
For Musicians - What date and time did you wish to perform? (Please check the scheduled performances on the events page first):
For Artists (please note that we can only display hangable art) - How many pieces do you wish to display?
For Artists - In what month would you prefer to have your art displayed (please provide at least two options. Art will be displayed for a period of two weeks.):
Anything Else We Should Know?:


Metropolitan Coffee - East

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Open Monday Thru Friday
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Open Sunday at 8:00AM


Metro To Go - Downtown

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