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Coming Up at Metro!
Friday, October 31 - 7:30PM
Ben Decker and Friends!
Great jazz!

Ben is one of our former baristas and is a wonderful jazz bassist. Please pop in and enjoy the evening with us.




Art Now Showing in October
(and available for purchase)

The Art of John Allen

John is a local artist just starting to work on his portfolio. Drop in a check it out!


Upcoming Events

Friday, November 7 - 7:30PM
HCC Jazz Combo
Great night of instrumental jazz!

Saturday, November 8 - 7:30 PM
(Robin Roberts & Billie Preston)
Folk Grass
"Together they create a sound that is warm and fun, edgy and smooth… an all around good listening time."

Friday, November 14 - 7:30PM
Grant and Rachel Brintnall
Guitar and vocals

Saturday, November 15 - 7:30PM
Jonathan Fleig
Americana / Roots Rock
"The musician in the wild is a rare thing these days...So, it's a special thing for me when I stumble across one who still runs free. Sustaining himself on music. In 2012, Jonathan will release his next album "Strange Caravan" and the hard traveling will begin again. Do yourself a favor. Go see a show. Pick up a CD. Feel that air move." - Recording artist, producer, engineer and owner of Planet Paul Recording studios

Friday, November 21 - 7:30PM
Kevin Sieg
Guitar and vocals

Saturday, November 22 - 7:30PM
Erik Mallory

Saturday, November 29 - 7:30 PM
Emma Lou and the Rednex
Classic and Contemporary Country

Sunday, November 30 - 7:30 PM
(Last Sunday of the month)
Swing Dance Night at Metro!
7:30PM to 8:15PM - Beginner and Intermediate Lessons
8:15PM to 9:45PM - Open floor

Thanks to ...

September Artist

“The whole idea of art fascinates me. It is an intricate interaction between the eye and brain of the artist, and the eye and brain of the beholder. So many complex factors influence the perception of art. Lofty contemplation aside, I enjoy exploring new media and styles of visual communication. One idea I have recently begun experimenting with is using fabrics in my paintings. (A former hobby ballgown design business left me with many bins of colorful fabrics.) My paintings, Placemat Ram, contains fabric. I intend to further experiment with fabrics. Oil pastel is a medium I just started using last year. I love that they look like crayons. And another new medium I have discovered since moving to Hutchinson is digital art. After two semesters of Photoshop at HCC I am completely in awe of the artistic possibilities of that program.

I hope you enjoy the art on display at Metropolitan Coffee in September. Not surprisingly, animals are prominent among my subject matter. (I donate 5% of my art income to wildlife conservation.) After a lifetime of veterinary practice, animals are what is most familiar to me. They are my comfort zone. But I do intend to venture outside that zone.”

Once a week artist Ande Hall can be found at Central Kansas Veterinary North Clinic, wearing a lab coat embroidered with “Dr. Ande Johnson”

Online gallery here



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