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Coming Up at Metro!
Friday, May 22 - 7:30pm
Jim Fetters and Charlie Moyers
Guitar and Sax playing Swing and Jazz

Saturday, May 23 - 7:30PM
Craig Plotner



Art Now Showing in April
(and available for purchase)

Clarissa Miller


Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 30 - 7:30 PM
Barry Jones

Sunday, May 31 - 7:30 PM
(Last Sunday of the month)
Swing Dance Night at Metro!
7:30PM to 8:15PM - Beginner and Intermediate Lessons
8:15PM to 9:45PM - Open floor

Friday, June 19 - 7:30 PM
D R Miller with Amber Goldermann
Acoustic Folk/Rock and Country

Saturday, June 20 - 7:30PM
Jonathan Fleig
Americana / Roots Rock
"The musician in the wild is a rare thing these days...So, it's a special thing for me when I stumble across one who still runs free. Sustaining himself on music. In 2012, Jonathan will release his next album "Strange Caravan" and the hard traveling will begin again. Do yourself a favor. Go see a show. Pick up a CD. Feel that air move." - Recording artist, producer, engineer and owner of Planet Paul Recording studios

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March Artist
Janae Miller

I have lived in Kansas for all of my 19 years and love the people here, but I greatly enjoy experiencing new cultures and places. I love Jesus and He is everything to me. My life is filled with people and art, both of which I love and value highly. I love kids, my family and friends, and getting to meet new people. I enjoy painting and drawing, music, writing, traveling, coffee shops, rain, going barefoot, and stargazing. I am a part time nanny for a delightful family. Life is a journey, and one I intend to travel well.



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