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This Weekend at Metro!

Friday, December 9 - 7:30PM
The Notables
American Acoustic

Special Christmas concert by the best dulcimer player out there!
Saturday, December 10 - 7:30pm
Erin Mae
Solo Mountain Dulcimer
"Erin Mae is a mountain dulcimer virtuosa who has taken an obscure American folk instrument, and with it has developed a high level of technical proficiency and musical expression."
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Upcoming Events

Friday, December 16 - 7:30 PM
Kelcie Exline
Small ensemble featuring Christmas music

Friday, December 17 - 7:30PM
In His Name
Acoustic Country/Gospel with a
Christmas focus

Sunday, December 25
Shop Closed - No Swing Dance in December

This Month's Art

December Artists
Elizabeth Wood

Visit the shop to see Elizabeth's painted vintage windows. They are helping the shop look really lovely and festive. The larger ones measure about 2 feet by three feet plus smaller ones are available.

PLUS Textiles by
Mary Steward of Jesus

"I have been weaving for maybe 20 years, the past 10 or so weaving rugs. The past 4 years or so I have been weaving rugs using upholstery selvages. These selvages...
are the edge of upholstery fabric and from upholstery factories. I get them from a place, Inweave, in NW Iowa. She gets the selvages from factories around the country. They come in a bag of what I call "mish/mash"; something retrieved from the dumpster. These selvages are washable. I enjoy weaving with them. The colors are very vibrant and fun to work with. "

Thank you to November artists:

Reagan Tatro
"I was born and raised in Burrton. KS, by two very artistic parents who both studied art. They taught me to see God's creation in everyday life and how to express it through art...

Kerry Wiens Rayl
"I started painting in 2010 by request of my good friend Victoria Helmuth. She invited me to attend a class at her art school; I knew I had no talent. I could only draw stick figures but I reluctantly agreed. My first paintings were very stressful because they were very detailed; once I found the freedom of abstract, I went crazy!


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