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In recognition of Kansas Day, January 29th, this week we are celebrating three of the many Kansas coffee roasters. Each day we will feature coffee and espresso from one of three talented Kansas roasters: Blacksmith Coffee in Lindsborg, Reverie Coffee Roasters in Wichita and PT's Coffee Roasting Co. in Topeka.

Also, to encourage customers to explore the espresso of these roasters, we are offering 50% off of traditional macchiatos.

Saturday, January 31 - 7:30 PM
Haven Alexandra
Contemporary Country
"Haven Alexandra is an American singer/songwriter and musician from Oklahoma. Her love of music began with many nights of family singing and the sound of hymns on Sunday morning."

Closing at 5PM on
Sunday, February 1

Super Bowl Sunday




Art Now Showing in January
(and available for purchase)

Textile Art

The art at Metro is a bit different this month. How often do you see a chair hanging from our ceiling?!

The art this month is provided by a group of textile artists in Hutchinson. Some of them are part of Fiber Artists of Hutchinson along with several other contributors and several have kindly agreed to provide us with short bios.

Please stop in the shop and see the art of this talented group of people!

Deb Waggoner - Organizer

Deb has loved textiles forever, the colors, the feel, the warmth. She grew up in a university town and was immersed in a broad variety of art activities. Her Mom started teaching her how to knit when ...

Carol Petersen - Contributor
Carol Petersen is a knitter who grew up in Chicago, but who has lived in Hutchinson for 27 years. She is a speech-language pathologist...

Mary Steward-of-Jesus
"I have been weaving for maybe 20 years, the past 10 or so weaving rugs. The past 4 years or so I have been weaving rugs using upholstery selvages. These selvages...

Upcoming Events

Saturday, February 7 - 7:30PM
The Notables
American Acoustic

Friday, Feb. 14 - 7:30 PM
Barry Jones

Sunday, February 22 - 7:30 PM
(Last Sunday of the month)
Swing Dance Night at Metro!
7:30PM to 8:15PM - Beginner and Intermediate Lessons
8:15PM to 9:45PM - Open floor

Saturday, February 28 - 7:30PM
Jonathan Fleig
Americana / Roots Rock
"The musician in the wild is a rare thing these days...So, it's a special thing for me when I stumble across one who still runs free. Sustaining himself on music. In 2012, Jonathan will release his next album "Strange Caravan" and the hard traveling will begin again. Do yourself a favor. Go see a show. Pick up a CD. Feel that air move." - Recording artist, producer, engineer and owner of Planet Paul Recording studios

Thanks to ...

December Artist

The Art of Reagan Tatro and Kerry Weins Rayl


"I was born and raised in Burrton. KS, by two very artistic parents who both studied art. They taught me to see God's creation in everyday life and how to express it through art...Throughout the last seven years I have kept myself busy with creative hobbies but always ached for more.My pastor's wife, Victoria Helmuth, is an art instructor and encouraged me to take a class with her and that is when it was over: I was hooked. It is very relaxing and therapeutic for me. I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as I enjoy creating it." 2010 Boots and Bling Arizen Artist with the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation!


"I started painting in 2010 by request of my good friend Victoria Helmuth. She invited me to attend a class at her art school; I knew I had no talent. I could only draw stick figures but I reluctantly agreed. My first paintings were very stressful because they were very detailed; once I found the freedom of abstract, I went crazy! When I was a child I never liked coloring books and coloring inside the lines, I would much rather have a blank page to create my own designs. I guess that has carried through to my artwork.

I really do not consider myself an artist, art is just a place I go to hide from the cares of this busy world."



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