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The owners and baristas of Metropolitan Coffee encourage you to drop in with friends and enjoy one of our perfectly made drinks or pastries while playing a game, relaxing in a comfortable, easy chair, enjoying art from local artists, or catching a performance of some incredible musicians!

Our Roasters

Our house espresso is specially blended for the straight shot by a wonderful micro-roastery in Laramie, Wyoming. It is rich and sweet, and so full of character and body that the thick, deep créma lingers all the way to the bottom of your cup.

Our drip coffees are the wonderful blends from Crimson Cup Roast Magazine's Roaster of the Year. The Metro Blend is a compilation of coffees from Central America, Indonesia and Africa chosen for their individual flavor characteristics (medium roast). We also brew a variety of light and dark roasts throughout the week to provide customers with a broad experience of coffees.
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This Week at Metro!


Friday, May 19 - 7:30pm
Citywide Sirens
Alternative music
(Don't forget to pick up some
Citywide merchandise when
you drop in!)

Art at Metro

Photo coming soon!

May Artist
Ken Gaeddert
A Photo Portrait of Vietnam

and held over from April...

April Artist
Loribeth Reynolds of
Optic Odyssey

This grouping of photos by Loribeth is called Colorful Kansas

"Every since I was a child, I've seen things in vivid color. If you ask me what color the sun is, I'd say it's orange with rainbow tendrils...."

Check out more of Loribeth's photography at Metropolitan Coffee this month or online at opticodysseyphotography.com or


Metropolitan Coffee - East
17th and Lorraine

Close each day at 10:00PM
Open Monday Thru Friday
at 6:30AM
Open Saturday at 7:00AM
Open Sunday at 8:00AM


Metro To Go - Downtown
15 West 2nd

Monday Thru Friday 6:30AM - 6:00PM
Open Saturday at 8:00AM Farmer's Market Days


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